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Pixel Ti Premium Gift Set


LED Tint

Product Details

The Pixel Ti Microlight makes a perfect gift, so why not give them the absolute perfect gift set? The Pixel Ti Premium gift set includes an assortment of Pixel related products presented in a foam lined gift box. It's the easy "1-click" way to turn you into the sought after gift-giver!

Complete Gift Set Features:

  • Pixel Ti Microlight (stonewashed finish), TEC Python clip and four sets of Pixel batteries.
  • Extra batteries are stored in a convenient plastic vial for easy storage
  • Your choice of cool white or warm white LED tint
  • Gift packaging

What you get (click links to view each product page):

Pixel Ti Microlight:

  • Rugged titanium construction
  • Super bright Nichia 5mm LED light
  • Choose between cool white LED rated at 25 lumens (highest illumination intensity) or warm white LED rated at 21 lumens (excellent color rendition of illuminated objects)
  • Water resistant o-ring seal
  • Square body design prevents undesired rolling off of work surface
  • Easy twist ON/OFF operation
  • Uses four common LR521/379A alkaline watch batteries (included)
  • This model also has design features for mounting a 3mm x 11mm tritium vial in the tail (note: tritium vial not included)

Pixel Microlight Batteries:

Extend the life of your Pixel keychain flashlight with this is set of 4 batteries.

  • LR521/379 watch batteries
  • 1.55V each
  • Alkaline formula

Python Clip: 

  • Lightweight & easy to operate
  • Gate guard prevents clipped items from sliding under and opening the gate
  • Gate needs to open farther to remove items to prevent accidental loss of clipped items 
  • Tapered shape of the gate allows for easy opening
  • Flat outer surfaces provide better control during operation
  • Warranty

  • Shipping Times

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