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If you currently own a retail establishment (brick-and-mortar and/or online) and would like to become an authorized reseller for any of our TEC Accessories products, just let us know! We can provide you with wholesale pricing information and purchasing terms to get you started right away. Simply e-mail us at sales@tecaccessories.com or you can contact us directly via phone or mail using the information provided on the contact us page.

Opening a wholesale account provides you with exclusive benefits:

  • Top tier service and support
  • Attractive profit margins
  • Cerdit terms
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Priority status on all new product releases
  • Access to special edition products and private branding

Join our extensive worldwide network of authorized reselling partners and set up a wholesale account today.

If you are a US Amazon reseller, we cannot accept new accounts at this time. There are NO exceptions. All US Amazon sales are strictly controlled through dedicated resellers under exclusive contract terms. However, all other major marketplaces are open to standard resale accounts.