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Micro-Torq Ceramic Bearing Upgrade Kit

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This ceramic bearing upgrade kit is a direct replacement for the standard bearing on our Micro-Torq 4mm hex bit driver. Although the standard bearing is well suited for the task requirements of the Micro-Torq, this ceramic bearing upgrade will add a bit of fun to your work routine and also appeal to those who wish to add a "fidget" element to the list of driver features.

The standard bearing, when spinning the end cap, will provide approximately 5-10 second of spin. This ceramic bearing can get over 3 minutes of spin time on just one spin session. Upgrade your low friction bearing cap to a virtually zero-friction fidget device in minutes! 

 This ceramic bearing features:

  • Full Zirconium dioxide (Zr02) ceramic construction
  • Direct replacement for standard Micro-Torq bearing
  • Includes pre-installed shoulder screw for ease of installation

What you get:

  • [1] Ceramic ball bearing
  • [1] Shoulder screw
  • [1] 2mm hex wrench

CLICK HERE for instructions to install the ceramic bearing into the Micro-Torq driver.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Expensive for what your getting but this Ceramic Bearing will turn your TEC Micro Hex Drive into a endless spinner. I was getting about 15-20secs out of the standard bearing and with the Ceramic it was easily over 2mins!

Jim R Cook
Extremely smooth. Easy to install.

It's a little hard to believe how smooth and quiet this is.

Surprisingly great

Just got my wrench and upgrade kit today and put them both together... It's one thing to read words on the digital page saying that the creators got the head to spin for up to nearly 3 minutes with this upgrade, but it's a whole other experience (and an uncanny one at that,) to actually have it spinning on and on and on in your hands, seemingly without end in sight. It's not a necessity for functional use, of course, but if you DO get one for yourself, it's definitely worth every penny spent, both for sheer entertainment value and the satisfaction of general fidgetiness.