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Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen - Titanium Edition

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Bead Blasted Titanium
Natural Titanium
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Abandoning the cylindrical shape of a traditional pen, the Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen leverages the benefits of a flat, wide, rectangular geometry for unparalleled writing comfort and ultra-low profile carry.

Rather than cramping your fingers around a thin cylindrical shaft, you can embrace your writing instrument in a more natural way that provides long term comfort with less tension on your fingers. The 4-1/2" length is optimized to deliver a fluid writing experience in your hand, yet be incredibly compact for convenient everyday carry.

The magnetic twin-rail mechanism used to extend and retract the ink refill eliminates the need for a separate cap. Combined with an instant, no-tool refill replacement method, the Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen will always be your pen of choice. Its elegance, comfort, and simplicity will make you wonder why this never happened sooner.

This titanium edition has 25% more mass than its aluminum brother, providing a solid and comfortable resilience that will last a lifetime and is available in a choice of either the semi-polished Natural Titanium edition, the bead blasted Satin Matte edition, or the Black Diamond Stealth edition. Choose your favorite and experience the Ko-Axis™ difference.

Key Features

  • Flat geometry: The rectangular shape provides comfort during long writing sessions
  • 6 mm low-profile body (less than 1/4" thick) for discrete storage when carried or clipped
  • The perfect pen to accompany journals, notebooks, diaries, etc.
  • The embedded micro socket provides an "Instant", no hassle refill replacement that does not require tools: pull-to-remove/push-to-insert
  • Accepts a wide variety of commonly available D1 stylus refills, including Fisher pressurized refills (in case you want to write upside-down)
  • Unique, twin-rail skeletonized body is strong, lightweight and will make heads turn
  • Magnetic actuation and retention mechanism
  • Balanced design for the ultimate writing experience
  • No possibility of accidental ink retraction during use
  • Flat, anti-roll design stays where you put it
  • Symmetrical profile allows for identical writing comfort for both right and left hand usage
  • Assembled from 24 individual, custom machined and critically selected components, to ensure a high quality, bulletproof pen that will last a lifetime

What you get:

  • Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen
  • Integrated pocket clip
  • Premium Monteverde D1 ink refill
  • Packaged in a layered acrylic case suitable for gifting
  • Refill Actuation: Magnetic Push/Pull
  • Refill Replacement: Pull-to-remove, Push-to-insert
  • Weight: 56 grams (2 oz)
  • Size: 6 mm x 109 mm x 22 mm (.236" x 4.29" x 0.866")
  • Height with clip: approximately 8.77 mm (0.35”)
  • Materials:
    • Body: Aerospace grade Ti-6Al-4V titanium
    • Guide rails: Solid stainless steel precision rod
    • Slider: QAl 9-4 aluminum bronze, a durable bearing material known for its low coefficient of friction. This provides ultra smooth travel of the slider actuation mechanism as well as the perfect weight and balance
    • Pocket clip: 301 stainless spring steel
    • N52 Neodymium magnets with the highest magnetic strength/size ratio available
  • Finish Options for Titanium Body Parts:
    • Semi-polished finish: Parts are run through a multi-stage tumbling and finishing process resulting in a luxurious semi-polished appearance
    • Satin Matte finish: Parts are tumbled and deburred, then precision bead blasted to a highly uniform matte finish providing an elegant, understated look.

The Ko-Axis Rail Pen is manufactured from a variety of materials to provide optimized functionality as well as a distinctive aesthetic. All components used in the production of this writing instrument go through a series of finishing processes (model dependent) including tumbling, polishing, or bead blasting.

An integral component of every Ko-Axis Rail Pen is the “slider”, used to extend and retract the refill. This critical part is made from QAl 9-4 aluminum bronze, a durable bearing material known for its low coefficient of friction. This provides ultra-smooth travel of the slider actuation mechanism, and also delivers the perfect weight and balance for the entire pen.

It should be noted however that aluminum bronze is considered a “living finish”. Similar to brass and copper, when exposed to the elements it will have a tendency to oxidize over time. This oxidation, also called patina, can be either beautiful or unappealing depending upon your personal preference. If you prefer the look of patina, simply use your Ko-Axis as intended and over time the slider will develop its own unique appearance. However if you do not prefer this type of finish, this can easily be corrected. There are many over the counter polishes or homemade solutions that can be used, but the most common is a polish called Brasso. Simply use a very small amount on a soft cloth and wipe down the aluminum bronze LIGHTLY using a circular motion. You do not need to apply pressure, it doesn’t take much effort to clean the material. This will restore the finish to its original factory finish.

The following dimensions are in millimeters [inches]:


Form Factor

We've designed the Ko-Axis™ with a purpose-built, distinctive shape, sparing no detail. The comfort and ergonomics that were considered in the design phase are unparalleled, resulting in a truly unique writing experience. These features create an aesthetic that turns heads. All of these features have been packed into a pen so thin that it easily hides in any notebook. Be warned: once you write with the Ko-Axis™, you will never go back to a conventional pen.


Upon closer inspection of the Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen, you will discover that the aluminum bronze grip slider contains the ink cartridge. By implementing this clever design, it is impossible for the pen to accidentally retract while writing. The ink refill is always present when you need it and never when you don't. We have painstakingly integrated eight ultra-strong neodymium magnets into the end stop positions to ensure perfect engagement, and eliminate any potential for movement of the mechanism while writing.

Writing Experience

The Ko-axis™ isn’t just a beautiful writing instrument, it transforms the act of writing into a wonderful experience. From the first time you extend the ink refill, you’re hooked. The rectangular shape of the Ko-axis™ rests gently in the crease of your hand and lands comfortably in your thumb-and-finger pinch. The shallow divot in the finely polished aluminum bronze offers the perfect spot for your pointer to land every time. The weight distribution of the pen was carefully calculated to rest in your hand without applying any torque to your fingers that would tire your hand in a late-night writing session. The Aluminum Edition is the featherlight member of the Ko-Axis™ family. The aluminum body allows the pen to float effortlessly across page after page. The Titanium Edition has 25% more mass than its aluminum brother, providing a solid and comfortable resilience that will last a lifetime. Every titanium model affords a rock-solid, stable action and exudes confidence in every word it writes.


The Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen includes a Monteverde D1/Multipen refill, which we think is the best refill on the planet. This medium point, black ink refill is the perfect way to experience everything the Ko-Axis™ has to offer. It features Soft Roll ink technology which is a low viscosity ink for the smoothest writing experience, with a high quality nickel silver tube and a Swiss tip.

However, any D1 style refill will work in the Ko-Axis™, including but not limited to the following:

  • Schmidt 635 Mini D1
  • Lamy Mini Ballpoint Refill M21
  • Kaweco D1
  • Monteverde D1/Multipen
  • Parker D1
  • Zebra Sharbo X Gel Ink Multi Pen/D1
  • Zebra ESB-0.7 Emulsion Ink Ballpoint Pen Refill - D1
  • Ohto R-4C7NP Needle-Point D1
  • Rotring D1 Multi Pen
  • Fisher mini ballpoint refill with adjustable lengths (shortest length)
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