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P-7 Suspension Clip


Bead Blasted Stainless Steel
Black Diamond Carbon

Product Details

The cure for the "too-big keychain" pocket bulge, the P-7 Suspension Clip slides on to the top edge of your pocket, allowing anything clipped to it to be suspended part way into your pocket. This provides a flatter, more streamlined way of carrying your keychain gear. Put large items, like your key fob, on the P-7 clip to keep it separate from the rest of the items in your pocket. Or you can attach one of our UFO organizers to the P-7 and add even more gear without bulging out your pockets. If you are a runner, attach your car key to the P-7 and clip it to the top edge of your running shorts with the key hanging inside. There are a multitude of uses for this versatile, everyday carry essential!

The clip is very discrete, only the outer fold of the clip is visible. Add one of our Python Clips to the split ring and you can easily add or remove items depending on what you need to carry that day. You can also clip it to a backpack or purse so you always have easy access to your keys. 

P-7 Suspension Clip Features:

  • Made from spring tempered stainless steel, so it maintains its grip when clipped onto thin or thick material
  • Bead blasted to a uniform matte finish
  • Available in your choice of stainless steel finish or our exclusive Black Diamond Finish (see "Specifications" tab for details)
  • This low-profile clip attaches discretely to your pocket or purse, and the open tip design makes it easy to grab the clip and pull it free
  • Comes as a single clip or a 2-pack

What you get:

  • (1) or (2) P-7 Suspension Clip(s)
  • Stainless steel split ring(s)
  • 2-Pack includes two 25mm snap clips

The P-7 Suspension Clip is made of spring tempered stainless steel, bead blasted to a uniform matte finish. It is also available in our exclusive Black Diamond Finish. Each clip also includes a stainless steel split ring to allow for attachment of items. 

  • Size: 7mm (0.28") wide x 39mm (1.53") long
  • Weight: 3.0 grams [.11 oz]


Black Diamond Finish

TEC’s Black Diamond Finish is a proprietary, nano-composite microlayer, uniquely replicating diamond’s low friction, high hardness and superb corrosion resistance. Genuine TEC products with Black Diamond Finish provide an extremely durable, near-black coating that offers exceptional wear resistance.


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