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TEC-T3 Titanium Embrite™ Glow Fob

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No everyday carry is complete without the perfect premium keychain accessory. The T3 Series Embrite™ Glow Fob is the titanium version of our unique glow-in-the-dark (GITD) keychain fob, now manufactured with our Embrite™ glow pellet. Embrite™ is the TEC Accessories proprietary glow technology, affording the brightest, longest lasting 'glow-in-the-dark’ effect available in a tiny, rugged Glow Fob. The pellet is mounted inside the ultimate metal: a protective 6Al-4V titanium housing with a uniform bead blasted matte finish. Strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant, this fob will last longer than anything on your keychain. When exposed to sunlight or UV light, the proprietary Embrite™ pellet will glow for hours... the longer the exposure time and the higher the light intensity, the longer and brighter it will glow. Glow times can last as long as 12 hours! This cutting edge technology will outlast and outshine anything on the market.

Your keys are essential to your everyday routine – make them stand out.

TEC-T3 Glow Fob Features:

  • Titanium construction  
  • Bead blasted finish
  • Cutting-edge Embrite™ technology will outshine anything on the market (up to 12 hours when exposed to sunlight/UV light)
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

What you get:

  • (1) T3 Series Embrite Glow Fob
  • (1) 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring
  • (1) Snap clip for attachment to other items
  • Packaged in a foam-lined case

Glow Pellet Options: The T3 glow fob comes with a green Embrite™ glow pellet, which is the brightest, longest lasting glow material available. Not into green? We have other options if you want a different look, check out all of our available Embrite™ replacement glow fob pellets here!

The T3 Series Embrite Glow Fob consists of a custom manufactured glow pellet inserted into an outer metal housing for protection and durability.


  • Material: 6Al-4V Titanium
  • Finish: Bead Blasted
  • Outside Diameter: 9.0 mm [0.35"]
  • Overall Length: 40.0 mm [1.58"]
  • Total Assembled Weight: 4.5 grams [.16 oz]
Internal Glow Pellet:
  • Proprietary Embrite Compound
  • Outside Diameter: 6.35 mm [1/4"]
  • Overall Length: 28.6 mm [1-1/8"]
  • Glow Color: Green

For detailed information about our Embrite™ glow in the dark material, please refer to our Technical Bulletin.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joe Lopez
Cool fob

I like myTEC-T3 Titanium Embrit Glow Fob. I got the black aluminum but the titanium is even better. I can find my keys faster now. It’s also a conversation piece.

John K. Lowrance
TEC-T3 Titanium Embrite™ Glow Fob !!!

The TEC-T3 Titanium Embrite™ Glow Fob is an extremely high quality and durable glow fob !!!
John K. Lowrance

Tim Johnson
' I have been very satisfied with my Mini Isotope on my key ring - ...

I have a few TEC Accessories products that I have purchased (Mini Isotope) or received as gifts (Pico Pen). So, when I was looking for a `pull’ that I could use on my laptop shoulder case, I thought, `How about TEC?' I have been very satisfied with my Mini Isotope on my key ring - so I decided to get the Titanium Glow Fob. It arrived 2 days later (thanks Amazon Prime) and I promptly pulled it out of the shipping envelope. First off, I noticed that it didn’t come loose in a little clear zip-lock bag. It arrives in a small, sturdy plastic case with the Fob secured in a formed, foam insert, along with a gate clip and split ring. Very well made and precision machined. Easy to assemble and install, I attached it to the zipper on my laptop case and went to work. Over the next few days, two things stood out to me:

1) Anytime I went to get my laptop, I was no longer mistakenly opening the wrong zippered pocket. Always went for the Glow Fob; always the right choice.

2) It didn’t take any concentrated effort on my part to charge the glow pellet up. It seemed that any cursory exposure to light was enough to get that thing glowing brightly.

Overall, my experience with this Glow Fob (specifically) and TEC Accessories (generally) has been flawless. I can't wait to see what they’re gonna come up with next!

Matt R. Bartos
I love it

I love it

My EDC Necessity

Really love this thing. A bright beautiful glow, especially in comparison to the run of the mill glow- in- the- dark painted outdoor/EDC items I already got. Recharges really well from even a short exposure to light sources. Fit + finish on cage is great, very lightweight but sturdy if dropped on hard surfaces too. Like that I can get replacement pellets although this one has been going pretty strong for a while now