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TEC-SCR Isotope Chain Reaction Fob

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Aqua Glow

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This product DOES NOT include tritium vial. Please refer to our Tritium Primer to learn more about tritium and where to purchase it.

This incredible Isotope glow fob hybrid is a cross between our timeless stainless steel Embrite™ Glow Fob and the popular TEC-S311T Isotope Tandem Fob. Combining these two products have created a "Chain Reaction" with twice the glow!

The Chain Reaction Fob is designed around two light sources. First up is the Embrite™ glow pellet which can be charged with ordinary sunlight or UV light. Once darkness comes, the included glow pellet provides a large surface area to easily find anything it is attached to. Embrite™ is TEC Accessories' proprietary glow technology. It affords the brightest, longest lasting 'glow-in-the-dark’ effect available and we've manged to squeeze it into a tiny, rugged glow fob. Even the best glow in the dark material will only last so long, as it relies on "charging" by a light source to work. So this is when the second light source takes over! The installation of a standard-sized glass tritium vial (not included) will provide a continuous soft glow for many years without ever needing to charge it from sunlight or UV light. 

The Isotope Chain Reaction Fob is a great way to add a functional dual-glow to anything you attach it to. And best of all, you can also change out the tritium vial anytime you like for different glow colors. Use different colors to identify different pieces of gear!

Complete your EDC collection with the small and stylish Isotope Chain Reaction Fob, which provides just the right amount of light for locating items in the dark, ALL NIGHT LONG. Perfect for attaching it to your keychain, camping gear, zipper pulls on gear bags or jackets, or try it on the pull chain on your ceiling fan. Where will you clip yours?

TEC-SCR Isotope Chain Reaction Fob Features:

  • Custom designed to hold a standard 3mm x 11mm tritium vial
  • Integrated proprietary Embrite™ glow pellet, your choice of green or aqua glow color
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Bead blasted, uniform matte finish

What you get:

  • (1) TEC-SCR Isotope Chain Reaction Fob
  • Your choice of Embrite™ glow pellet color, GREEN or AQUA
  • (1) Rubber Washer
  • (1) O-ring
  • (3) rubber plugs for tritium vial containment (1 required plus 2 spares)
  • (1) 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring for attachment to other items
  • Important Note: Product DOES NOT include tritium vial

The TEC-SCR Isotope Chain Reaction Fob consists of a custom manufactured TEC glow pellet inserted into an outer metal housing for protection and durability, that will also accommodate a 3mm x 11mm glass tritium vial. It is bead blasted to a uniform matte finish.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Bead Blasted
  • Outside Diameter: 9.0 mm [0.354"]
  • Overall Length: 42.2 mm [1.66"]
  • Split Ring Hole Size: 3.0mm [0.118"]
  • Total Assembled Weight (without tritium vial): 4.8 grams [.169 oz]
  • Total Assembled Weight (with tritium vial): 4.9 grams [.173 oz]


The TEC Isotope Fob Series are keychain fobs specifically designed to mount standard 3mm x 23mm and/or 3mm x 11mm self-luminous tritium vials. They do not include tritium vials, you must purchase them from another source typically outside the United States.

Learn more about what tritium is and where to buy it by clicking here.



TEC Accessories offers a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy on all of our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, contact us to arrange a return/refund. In addition, all products carry a 90 day warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Please contact us if you have any problem with your purchase that requires attention, and we will promptly make any necessary corrections.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I thought it came with the small one also…but otherwise it’s great


It only comes with one color piece. The smaller one is also radioactive an not sold in the U.S.

Ron M.
Great addition to my hiking backpack's zipper pulls.

After a long day hiking, it's nightfall and I'm arriving at base camp. I get ready to pitch my tent and can't find the zipper to the main compartment on my pack. I flip my pack over and there's the zipper with it's small TecAccessories' Embrite beacon. Still charged from being out in the bright sun all day.. The great thing about this fob is, it'll glows regardless of a fully charged Embrite or not, the back-up tritium guarantees I can find my pack's zipper in the lowest light condition. Thank you TecAccessories for bringing another innovative idea to fruition.

Thanks for the review! Just curious though, if you like the fob, why only ONE star?