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Pixel Ti Keychain Microlight

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Natural Titanium

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Discover the premium, precision-crafted LED microlight designed for hard-use everyday carry, the Pixel Ti. Solid and sensible, this Grade 5 titanium flashlight gives you the durability you want at the lightest weight possible. The Pixel Ti is small enough to attach anywhere and comes in handy when you need it; from the hard-to-read restaurant menu to the campsite.  Don't get caught unprepared when you have this ultimate flashlight for your keychain gear. You can choose from conventional white LED's (cool white or warm white) or an available red LED to preserve night vision (great for astronomy, tactical applications, etc.). We have also added a UV LED option, perfect to check paper money for counterfeit bills!

And now you can also get this popular Microlight in three amazing finishes:

  • Tumbled to a uniform semi-stonewashed Natural Titanium finish
  • Our Blue Raspberry anodized finish. When viewed from different angles, the ever-changing tint from purple to blue gives this version a truly one-of-a-kind look!
  • Our Blue Splash anodized finish

Pixel Ti Keychain Microlight Features:

  • Rugged titanium construction
  • Water resistant o-ring seal
  • Square body design prevents undesired rolling off of work surface
  • Easy twist ON/OFF operation
  • Uses four common LR521/179 watch batteries (included)
  • This model also has design features for mounting a 3mm x 11mm tritium vial in the tail (note: tritium vial not included)
  • Red LED: Cree 5mm High Brightness 503 Series
  • UV LED: Nichia 5mm, 370nm-380nm
  • White LED: Your choice of two super bright Nichia 5mm LED's
    • Cool white LED rated at 25 lumens (highest illumination intensity)
    • Warm white LED rated at 21 lumens (excellent color rendition of illuminated objects

    What you get:

    • (1) Pixel Ti LED microlight packaged in a foam-lined case
    • (1) 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring and snap clip for attachment to other items
    • (1) set of batteries are included (pre-installed)


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    NOTE: This is not a toy for children. This product contains small parts which are a choking hazard and can cause serious injury or death if swallowed. Please keep away from Children.

    The Pixel Ti is a durable, titanium LED flashlight built to last a lifetime:

    • Material: 6Al-4V titanium
    • Dimensions: 8mm [.315"] square x 47.4mm [1.87"] long
    • Beam: Smooth, flood beam pattern
    • White LED's: 35 degree beam angle
    • Red LED: 15 degree beam angle
    • UV LED: 25 degree beam angle
    • Batteries: includes four LR521/179 watch batteries
    • Total assembled weight with batteries: 0.26 ounces [7.4 grams]
    • LED choices
      • White LED's: Nichia premium 5mm LED (cool white or warm white tint)
      • Red LED: Cree high brightness 5mm LED
      • UV LED: Nichia 5mm, 370nm-380nm


    How to Install:

    The Pixel LED microlight uses four LR521/379 (included) or SR521SW silver oxide watch batteries. These batteries are readily available and quite inexpensive. When replacing the batteries, they must be inserted into the insulating sleeve included with the Pixel to eliminate the sides from touching the body of the flashlight. Also, the negative side (the bump) of the battery must be installed towards the front of the flashlight. Please refer to the diagram below:

    Battery Life: 

    Battery life and run times will vary over a broad range due to the nature of the small batteries. Extended "ON" durations (1 minute or longer) will have a tendency to shorten battery life rapidly, whereas short bursts of "ON" durations (15 seconds) will result in very long battery life expectancy. The duration of rest, or "OFF" time between "ON" cycles will also have a great impact on battery life. The longer the rest time, the longer the battery life. Even if you run the flashlight for an extended period, and see the flashlight intensity drop considerably, this is not a permanent state. If you let the batteries rest for a period of time, they will recover and offer brighter intensity that what had been previously observed. In short, battery life is very subjective.

    As an example, we have tested the light with short bursts of 15 seconds "ON" and a minimum of 1 hour of "OFF" time. This has resulted in months of use with minimal intensity drop. In contrast, a 1 minute "ON" cycle with only a 5 minute "OFF" time will result in a small number of cycles before an intensity drop is noticed. However even at a diminished intensity level, the light is quite useable for its intended purpose.

    The Pixel Ti is actuated using a simple twist ON/OFF operation. While holding the main body, screw in the rear cap to turn on the flashlight, and unscrew it to turn it off. Conversely, you could hold the rear cap stationary and rotate the main body. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE SCREW! Doing so could damage the LED. If you don't engage the screw cap far enough however, you could see the LED flicker on and off. So ensure that you make solid contact to light up the LED continuously.

    The rear screw cap has multiple fine threads, and takes approximately 5-6 full turns, once threaded into the body, to light up the LED. So when turning off the flashlight, back out the screw cap approximately 2 full turns to ensure there is no contact between the batteries and the LED. This will prevent unexpected flickering of the light.

    Please note that the Pixel Ti is a direct-drive flashlight design. This means that as the batteries get depleted, the light output will get lower. Please refer to the "Battery Life" tab to understand the effects of battery life vs. usage.


    TEC Accessories offers a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy on all of our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, contact us to arrange a return/refund. In addition, all products carry a 90 day warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Please contact us if you have any problem with your purchase that requires attention, and we will promptly make any necessary corrections.

    Shipping Times

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current logistics delays, shipping times may take longer than expected. This is especially true for International shipments, where delivery times can take weeks longer than usual. This is beyond our control, and we ask that you please be patient with expected deliveries until shipping companies get back to a more "normal" schedule.

    We make every effort to process orders within one working day, however there may be slight delays depending upon the number of orders we receive, holiday periods and available staffing resources. Typically we will process all orders within no more than 2 working days.

    Shipping times (from the time the package is dropped off at the carrier) will vary depending upon the carrier, method of shipment and destination. For example USPS Domestic First Class Mail should take between 2-3 days, but we have seen instances of 5-7 days. Domestic Priority Mail should take 1-2 days, but can take anywhere from 1-4 days. Domestic Express Mail should take one day, but that is only if your processed order is delivered to the post office before the cutoff time (typically 12:00 noon). Also keep in mind that weather and travel distance can have an effect on delivery times.

    International shipments have even more variables that must be considered. A package sent by USPS First Class International can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, sometimes longer depending upon the country. International shipments have the potential of being delayed by Customs, as well as having additional taxes or fees levied on a package. These are out of our control, and we advise that you become familiar with your specific country's shipping regulations to understand the impact to your shipment.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Richard Cartwright

    Excellent little flashlight. Mine is a red light. Steady and strong, no flicker. I added a 3×11 tritium. Nice addition to my key holder.

    Stephen Brown
    Wonderful edc tool

    Superior construction, excellent performance. A welcome daily addition to my pocket.

    Art Bradley
    Love it, but one question

    I love this light, but after I replaced the battery stack with discrete batteries, it flicks on and off when the unit is jostled. Any advice on how to prevent this would be appreciated.

    Mr. Bradley, just to clarify, when you replace just the batteries, you need to retain the original plastic sleeve that came with the Pixel Ti or the batteries will short out against the inner wall of the housing. Our replacement batteries come in new sleeves for a quick and easy replacement, but if you bought batteries and wanted to replace them, you have to remove the old batteries from the plastic sleeve and insert the new batteries into the sleeve before you install them into the housing.

    Chuck P.
    Good light

    Bright beam worked first time & every time. I like the size. Its now my every day carry. Like a good pocket knife, perfect tool. The first on I received had a loose connection TEC replaced it great service


    This is a great little keychain light. It uses a watch battery size, the LR521 or 379A, that I wasn't as familiar with as the LR44 (alkaline) and SR44 and SR41 (silver oxide) ones I'm used to buying but is still widely available in drugstores. At 25 ohms it's about 50% brighter than the classic AA Minimag for those who are still fond of their incandescent lights as I am. The fit and finish is excellent and the light is almost indestructible. Overall a very cool little light in the tiny watch battery size category.