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Ti-Tape SPECIAL EDITION Titanium Tape Measure


Royal Blue
Dark Purple
White Frost

Product Details

Based on the same design as our standard Ti-Tape micro-sized titanium tape measures, these Special Edition models are identical in every way except for the finish. The outer disc surfaces have been laser engraved with a Damascus steel pattern, providing one of the most amazing appearances you can imagine. It is literally something you have to see to believe!

During the engraving process, the laser speed is set to achieve a specific temperature in order to simulate a heat based anodizing process, resulting in a distinct set of 4 different colors to choose from. Due to engraving times that vary between several minutes to over 20 minutes, each color is priced accordingly.

The Ti-Tape itself is simply the world's smallest titanium tape measure in the world. Slightly larger than a US Quarter, it is the perfect tape measure for everyday carry. Why? Because it is super TINY, ultra-durable, and extremely lightweight. It also includes a removable keychain clip, so you can attach it anywhere to keep it with you at all times. As if that wasn't enough, the user-replaceable 3' measuring tape ensures you will never have to buy another portable tape measure again. Ever.

The Ti-Tape was designed to be as small and lightweight as possible, making it almost invisible on a keychain or tucked away in your pocket. The titanium housing will ensure it will last virtually forever, far superior to those cheap plastic or heavy steel tape measures. And what happens if your measuring tape gets worn or bent? Not a problem! The user-replaceable design allows you to change it out so you can start with a fresh tape that is ready for action!

Think about your average day, and how many times having a tape measure would come in handy. Whether it's trade related (i.e. carpenter, engineer, interior designer) or just being able to measure a piece of furniture at the store to see if it will fit in that special place, it is one of those little tools that can make a big difference.  

Ti-Tape Features:

  • Manufactured from grade 5 titanium to last a lifetime
  • Corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Ultra compact size
  • Replaceable measuring tape
  • Removable stainless steel keychain attachment clip
  • 3 foot measuring length
  • High contrast black on white markings, both imperial and metric units

The SPECIAL EDITION Ti-Tape comes in your choice of Damascus pattern colors:

  • Royal Blue
  • Dark Purple
  • White Frost
  • Black  

NOTE: Replacement measuring tapes are available HERE

What you get:

  • (1) SPECIAL EDITION Ti-Tape titanium Tape Measure
  • (1) Keychain Attachment Clip
  • (1) Split Ring
  • (1) Allen Wrench

The Ti-Tape is made of extremely hard 6Al-4V titanium. Titanium is known for its corrosion resistance, and has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It is typically described as having the strength of steel with a weight comparable to aluminum

  • Material: 6Al-4V (grade 5) titanium
  • Dimensions: 31.5 mm [1.24"] diameter x 9.70 mm [.38"] wide (without Keychain Attachment Clip)
  • Ti-Tape Weight: 21 grams [0.74 oz]
  • Keychain Clip Weight: 2 grams [0.06 oz]
  • Keychain Clip Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Measuring Tape Material: Spring steel
  • Your choice of Damascus pattern color:
    • Royal Blue
    • Dark Purple
    • White Frost
    • Black 

Finish: Each Ti-Tape has been polished in our tumblers for over 100 hours to achieve a smooth surface finish prior to engraving. This creates a very clean and sharp laser etching that delivers a high definition Damascus pattern.

Cleaning: The Ti-Tape titanium housing is extremely durable, and the finish will hold up very well over long term use. Over time however, dirt and finger oils may cause the finish to look dull, losing its original sparkle. A simple cleaning of a detergent based solution such as Windex or 409 with a soft cloth will restore the finish to its original luster.

The Ti-Tape comes with a keychain attachment clip and split ring which provides the ability to attach it to a key ring or other similar item. If you wish to install it onto the Ti-Tape, the process is extremely simple.

  1. Using the included hex wrench, carefully remove the screw from the Ti-Tape housing. NOTE: Insert the wrench straight into the screw socket and press down firmly before rotating. This will prevent stripping the screw socket. 
  2. Lift off the cover, taking care not to disturb the measuring tape
  3. Carefully place the keychain attachment clip onto the groove of the housing so that the top surface is flush with the top of the housing
  4. Replace the cover and screw. 


     CLICK HERE for instructions for replacing the measuring tape.


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