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Split Ring Kit #2



Product Details

Never fall short when attaching your favorite keychain gear with this essential assortment of 24 split rings. Includes eight each of three different sizes, including the unique oval style. This set pairs well with our UFO titanium organizer.  These are high quality USA manufactured split rings, don't settle for cheap alternatives!

Split Ring Kit Features:

  • Split rings made from stainless steel & zinc-plated magnesium alloy
  • 24 split rings allow for full customization of keys
  • Comes with unique oval style split ring

What you get:

  • Size 7 stainless steel split rings, fine: .430" [10.92mm] OD
  • Size 9 stainless steel split rings, fine: .542" [13.77mm] OD
  • Size 8 zinc-plated magnesium alloy, oval: .472" [12mm] x .236" [6mm]
  • Packaged in a convenient snap-lid storage container
  • Round split rings: Stainless steel
  • Oval split rings: Zinc plated magnesium alloy
  • Size 7, Fine: .430" [10.92mm] OD
  • Size 9, Fine: .542" [13.77mm] OD
  • Size 8, Oval: .472" [12mm] x .236" [6mm]


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