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Python Clip



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The perfect accessory to keep your favorite everyday carry items detachable, the Python Clip has a sleek and ergonomic form. This functional, essential clip will give your keys a lower profile, while adding a modern and stylish touch. The gate guard prevents the clip from accidentally opening.  

 Python Clip Features: 

  • Lightweight & easy to operate
  • Gate guard prevents clipped items from sliding under and opening the gate
  • Gate needs to open farther to remove items to prevent accidental loss of clipped items 
  • Tapered shape of the gate allows for easy opening
  • Flat outer surfaces provide better control during operation

What you get:

  • (1) Python clip


The Python Clip is made of 303 series stainless steel, both the clip and wire gate.

  • Overall size is 28mm [1.10"] long x 10mm [0.39"] tall x 2.70mm [0.10"] wide (wire gate is 7.20mm [0.28"] at its widest point)
  • Gated area can be used with split rings with inside diameter as small as 3.6mm [0.14"]
  • Split ring attachment hole is 3.1mm [0.12"]
  • Inside gate width: approximately 5.2mm [0.20"]
  • Weight: 2.4 Grams [0.08 oz]
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