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Originally launched on Kickstarter, the Neo-Spec is a super small, lightweight pocket magnifier perfect for everyday carry. Great for virtually all types of daily tasks, you will never realize how useful it is until you have one by your side. Whether you use it in your profession, hobbies, or simply need a little help due to poor eyesight, you will never want to be without your Neo-Spec!

Just think about those tasks that are no longer a struggle:

  • Reading those tiny instruction sheets
  • Medication/drug labels and warnings
  • Restaurant menus
  • Serial number product labels
  • Identifying model numbers on coin cell batteries
  • Fire starter (camping/backpacking)
  • Splinter removal
  • Professional tasks (engineering, machinists, inspection, jewelry, etc.)
  • Hobbies (stamp, coin and gem collecting)

The Neo-Spec features an original design feature that is first of its kind: a user-replaceable lens. Utilizing a unique o-ring retaining design, the lens is held firmly in place but can be easily removed should it be necessary to replace it. If the lens ever gets scratched or broken, the budget-friendly replacement lens will restore your Neo-Spec to like-new condition to ensure a lifetime of dependable service.

This premium edition features a housing manufactured from grade 5 titanium with a uniform bead-blasted finish, and a titanium accent cover plate to match. Tough, durable, and virtually bulletproof, this titanium model will outlast even the most expensive jeweler's loupes.

The positive-action magnetic end stops maintain the lens in/out position, ensuring the lens is well protected when not in use. Capitalizing on the strength and position of the magnets, actuating the slider provides a firm, snap action that is almost as addicting as using the Neo-Spec itself.

The scratch-resistant glass lens offers a super thin profile, 3/4" clear aperture, 5X magnification and a comfortable 2" working distance to allow inspection of a wide variety of items without interference. It is the perfect balance between magnification power, field of view and working distance.

What you get:

  • [1] Neo-Spec Titanium Pocket Magnifier
  • [1] Split Ring
  • [1] Gate Clip

Replacement lenses are available here 


Body Dimensions:

  • Length: 2.76" [70.0 mm] (Lens Retracted)
  • Length: 3.66" [93.0 mm] (Lens Extended)
  • Width: 1.03" [26.0 mm]
  • Height: .236" [6.0 mm] 


  • Body/Housing and cover: 6Al-4V titanium (Grade 5)
  • Lens Slide: 7075 aluminum, black anodized
  • Lens: Scratch resistant N-BK7 Glass
  • Cover screws: M2 stainless steel Torx Plus screws 

Weight: 1.09 oz [39 grams]

Finish: Uniform bead blasted finish


  • N-BK7 Glass
  • 2" [50 mm] working distance
  • 5X magnification
  • 0.75" [19.0 mm] clear aperture


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