• Available exclusively from TEC Accessories, the creator and only authorized source for the OrbiterTM fidget device
  • The finest materials – aircraft grade aluminum, rare earth neodymium magnet, internal dampers
  • The Patriot is specially finished in a brilliant, unique Red-Silver-Blue motif
  • The Patriot is discounted for all active U.S. Military and veterans
  • Made in USA – Designed, finished and hand assembled at the TEC Operations facility in Tucson, Arizona
  • A portion of all Patriot OrbiterTM procced are donated to a veteran charity of your choosing
Supporting Charities:

Please see our Product Page for additional details and ordering info

How It Works:

  • 501(c)(3) charities supporting active military and/or veterans sign up with TEC Accessories to participate in the campaign
  • The charity shall be listed on the TEC Accessories Patriot OrbiterTM web site and is selected as the receiving charity for a Patriot OrbiterTM purchase
  • We ask a participating charity inform their membership and supporters that they are supporting the Patriot OrbiterTM Giving Campaign
  • A terms and condition of participation contract will be agreed by the charity and TEC Accessories Inc to formalize the participation relationship
  • TEC Accessories Inc. shall donate a portion of all proceeds from the Patriot OrbiterTM to the charity that is designed at purchase
  • TEC Accessories shall maintain a full accounting (available to each charity) of the sales and contributions made through this program
  • At this time, we anticipate a $10.00 USD contribution to be made for each Patriot OrbiterTM
    -Amount shall be finalized in terms and conditions of participation contract