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Orbiter™ Desk Stand, 3 Unit

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This Orbiter™ desk stand is the perfect accessory for those of you who own multiple Orbiter™ fidget devices. Don't just store them a drawer or bag, display your different models for everyone to admire! Manufactured from birch plywood and black acrylic, it proudly displays 3 Orbiter™ units while allowing quick removal when the urge to fidget strikes.  

What you get:

  • (1) Orbiter™ 3 unit desk stand


This custom made desk stand is fabricated and assembled from precision laser cut materials.

  • 2 layers of birch plywood, stained and poly coated
  • Single top trim piece of black acrylic
  • Size: Length: 5.36" [136.1mm], Width: 2.48" [63.2mm], Height: 0.56" [14.2mm]
  • Height with Orbiter™: 0.88" [22.4mm]
  • Height with Orbiter™ + ball: 1.31" [33.3mm]
  • Weight: approximately 48 grams [1.7 oz]
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