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Shipping date is scheduled for August 2018.

Accommodating all models of the Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen, this set of 2 stainless steel rails are a direct replacement for the standard set that come with the pen. Available in the standard semi-polished finish or our Black Diamond finish, this rail set will allow you to customize the overall look of your Ko-Axis™ to suit your individual taste.

This rail set will replace the existing rails, installation is very simple:

  1. Remove the 2 flat head screws at the rear body using the included Allen wrench
  2. Pull the rear body and slider off the rails
  3. Unscrew the rails (they are threaded into the front body)
  4. Install the new rails
  5. Install the slider and rear body
  6. Install the 2 flat head screws

What you get:

  • Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen RAILS (set of 2)
  • Allen Wrench

The Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen RAIL SET is manufactured from stainless steel with a uniform semi-polished surface finish or our exclusive Black Diamond finish.

  • Material: 303 stainless steel
  • Weight: 8.7 grams [0.3 oz]
  • Length: 89 mm [3.5 in]
  • Diameter: 4.0 mm [0.157 in]

Black Diamond Finish

TEC’s Black Diamond Finish is a proprietary, nano-composite microlayer, uniquely replicating diamond’s low friction, high hardness and superb corrosion resistance. Genuine TEC products with Black Diamond Finish provide an extremely durable, near-black coating that offers exceptional wear resistance – Fine Personal Accessories for Practical Obsessions.

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