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Introducing the Tungsten Orbiter, the premier choice of the exclusive Orbiter Elite Collection available only from TEC Accessories. The Orbiter is the most unique sensory fidget device on the planet, and this special edition model will simply amaze you with the phenomenal mass of this incredible material. This patent pending design offers an addictive escape from life's boring routine by providing countless hours of perpetual motion and entertainment, and this exclusive tungsten model will offer the absolute best vibration damping possible!

This special edition Orbiter is machined from solid tungsten rod, one of the heaviest metals known. The density of tungsten is over four times as heavy as titanium, resulting in an absolutely amazing increase in weight over the original titanium Orbiter™ yet with the same dimensional size! This provides the ultimate level of vibration damping when using the Orbiter™, giving you an incredibly smooth and fluid-like "feel" when spinning the steel ball that is better than any Orbiter™ model.

We are dedicated to bring you the absolute best in fidget device experience, however this very special version of the Orbiter™ is not the least bit easy to produce. Typically used in the aerospace industry, tungsten presents a number of machining challenges due to its hardness and density. Machining this heavy metal requires equipment with exceptional rigidity and high torque to prevent vibration, and extremely sharp cutting tools must be used while operating at very slow cutting speeds. Hence the cost to machine this material can easily become prohibitive. But that's not all, in addition to the raw machining effort, the polishing process takes over 4 times as long as titanium!

Manufactured from this special material and powerful Neodymium magnets, the Tungsten Orbiter is the newest and greatest fiddle/desktop device that defies belief. With innumerable ways to interact with the Orbiter, including a hand spinner, a no-friction trackball, and a spinning top, the Orbiter will undoubtedly bring you hours of excitement with endless possibilities. It's extremely fun to use, and easy enough to learn with only a few minutes of practice.

All it takes is a small repetitive relaxing movement of the included ball bearing around the Orbiter to begin an indescribably satisfying experience. The fluid inertia in your hand ultimately leads to increased focus and added stress relief. It's an exclusive experience you can only get from TEC Accessories.

The Tungsten Orbiter impressively weighs 2.9 ounces yet can easily be stored in your pocket or purse, so when that fidget urge (or just plain boredom) arises, you know where to reach. There are a lot more hidden features and fun ideas awaiting to be discovered when you get your very own Orbiter.

The Orbiter: Perpetually Compelling - Fidgeting Fulfilled

Tungsten Orbiter Features:

  • Machined from solid tungsten rod
  • Beautiful hand-polished finish
  • Portable and pocket friendly
  • Designed, built, hand-polished, and carefully inspected in Tucson, Arizona
  • Extremely high vibration damping
  • Makes a great desktop or pocket diversion
  • The perfect gift for that person who has everything
What you get:
  • (1) Tungsten Orbiter™ (including one chrome steel ball)
  • Packaged in a high quality gift box


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WARNING: This is not a toy for children. This product contains small parts and strong magnets which are a choking hazard and can cause serious injury or death if swallowed. Please keep away from Pacemakers.

The Tungsten Orbiter is manufactured from tungsten metal and extensively polished to a beautiful finish.

  • Body diameter: 1" [25.4 mm]
  • Overall thickness: 9/16" [14.3 mm]
  • Chrome steel ball: 5/8" [15.9 mm] diameter
  • Weight: approximately 82 grams [2.9 oz]
  • Chrome steel ball weight: approximately 17 grams [0.6 oz] 

    The Tungsten Orbiter contains a neodymium (rare-Earth) magnet, which has a very strong magnetic field. The following cautions should be exercised:

    • Pacemakers can be affected
    • Not intended for use by children
    • Avoid placing near any electronics and/or magnetic media such as credit cards, magnetic ID cards, cellphones or televisions. It can also interfere with compasses and navigation equipment
    • Although the magnet has a protective surface nickel plating, neodymium can corrode and should not be exposed to prolonged periods of moisture
    • The magnet is fragile and can peel, chip, crack or shatter
    • The magnet can become demagnetized at high temperatures
    • Persons with nickel allergies should avoid prolonged contact with the magnet

    Besides the obvious enjoyment and fun that can result from using devices such as the Orbiter, there is currently a popular fascination over the use of these so called "fidget toys". Their use is based upon the scientific evidence that people can benefit from these playful, secondary interactions to relieve stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and even boost memory. Numerous studies have proven that minor distractions, such as using fidget devices, can help improve productivity in both children and adults. There have also been studies that show fidgeting can improve those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But this is nothing new. Do you:

    • Chew on your pen caps?
    • Bite your fingernails?
    • Twirl or remove/replace your wedding ring?
    • Crack your knuckles?
    • Play with your necklace?
    • Doodle?

    These are perfect examples of fidgeting. Probably very effective, but not very fun (or hygienic). So what does this all mean? Well, if you are a person who tends to fidget, you may want to give the Orbiter a try. It not only a very satisfying experience, but it may replace one of those bad habits with something a lot more socially acceptable. And if you are not a person who fidgets, you just may not know what you're missing!

    Using the Orbiter can be as simple or as comprehensive as you want it to be. The basic setup is to grab it between your thumb and index finger, and place the chrome steel ball onto the surface of the magnet between the two outer tungsten caps. With a gentle rotating motion, guide the ball around the circumference of the magnet gradually building speed to a comfortable level. Then mix it up by:

    • Rotating the ball clockwise, then counter-clockwise
    • Initiate and maintain rotational movement of the ball using your arm, or simply by flicking your wrist back and forth
    • Use it right handed, then switch to left handed operation

    Another method is to hold the Orbiter horizontally with the side cap facing up. Place the chrome steel ball into the groove surrounding the "cup", and try to guide the ball on the groove in a circular motion. Sounds easy, but try building speed without the ball either falling into the cup or jumping out and grabbing the magnet!

    You can also manipulate the ball of the Orbiter similar to a miniature trackball. Hold the Orbiter with the side cap facing up and the ball sitting in the cup. Roll the ball around using your thumb while it rotates in the cup.

    The Orbiter can also be spun onto a smooth surface like a top. By using the chrome steel ball as the rotating contact point with the body sitting on top of the ball, it is possible to spin it like a top. This is more of a challenge, and may take quite a while to master this method of operation. But think of the satisfaction you will get once you achieve this heightened level of skill. People will bow to your greatness when you enter the room!

    We also offer additional chrome steel balls on our site, add one or two extra balls to your Orbiter and totally change the feel of motion. There are many other ways in which to use the Orbiter, just use your imagination!


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