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The TEC BMW E39 5 Series Cup Holder

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The only cup holder specially designed to fit your BMW automobile. That means no compromises.

  • Extends/retracts into existing center console: Stows away when not in use
  • Roll-up door remains fully functional: Cup holder remains hidden until ready to use
  • Installs in seconds without tools: No modifications to your existing console!
  • Push-to-open spring latch: One-touch open and close operation
  • Stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum construction: Manufactured for durability
  • Lifetime warranty against defects: The best no-risk purchase you can make
  • Fits all BMW 5 series models 1997-2003 (525i, 528i, 530i, 540i, M5)

See it in Action!

Designed using state-of-the-art CAD software and manufactured to our exact standards, the TEC cup holder will prove its value for years to come:

  • Replaces the plastic storage bin inside the center console (under the armrest)
  • Improved ergonomic location compared to factory cup holders
  • Stows away inside the console when not in use
  • The mechanism is spring loaded for automated extension of the cup holder. A simple push on the base will release the latch, and also locks it back in place when closing
  • Durable construction to last a lifetime
    • Main housing is fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum with a black anodized finish
    • Cup base and retaining rod are made from 300 series stainless steel and are bead blasted to give a uniform matte finish.
    • All other components are designed to surpass excessive day-to-day use as well as the typical automotive environment
  • Improved cup stability over the factory cup holders. The retaining rod height is over 50% higher for virtually "spill-free" use
  • Designed to handle a wide variety of cup sizes. It can fit cups from your favorite coffee house, fast food drinks and most insulated travel mugs
  • Cups with a base size of 2-5/8" diameter will fit perfectly. A diameter of 2-7/8" located 2" up from the base can be accommodated, to account for cup taper.

There are 3 simple steps to installing the TEC E39 5 series cup holder:

  1. Remove your existing console storage compartment assembly - this simply "pops" out
  2. Swap the plastic tray for your new TEC cup holder
  3. Replace the storage compartment assembly into the center console

You can view detailed instructions of the installation by viewing our Installation and Use specification sheet.

Customer Ratings
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Customer Reviews:

Don't take our word for it...See what others say:
"My suspicions were definitely confirmed upon receipt of the cup holder, you could challenge the BMW-F1 engineering team and not eclipse the design of this thing. Really, nicely designed and executed."
-Marty Hahnfeld

"This cup holder would make the "wunderkind" engineers at BMW blush. Those folks need to stick to car building and outsource accessories like your TEC Cup Holder to TEC. Top quality design and build together with ease of installation. In 2 years with my 5 series, I've replaced the stock Fisher-Price plastic cup holders 2 times @ $40/ea."
-Mike Del Santo

"The only thing better than the product itself is the customer service you provide. It's the best I've seen in all my years of retail experience! My neighbor got an E-39 wagon about a month ago. I told him the first accessory he needs to buy is one of your cup holders. He told me it arrived last week and he loves it."
-Curt Schultz

"I received my TEC Cup Holder today and I have to say I was EXTREMLY pleased with my purchase. It is well designed and manufactured of quality materials. Anyone that may be hesitant to pay what initially seems like a lot of money should not be worried, it is WELL worth the cost of the unit and was easy enough for ANYONE to install. Thanks Again.""
-Ron R

"I absolutely love the cup holder that I ordered from your company. I had done quite a bit of online research for all of the cup holders that are currently made and was very skeptical to commit to buying yours. It's perfect and has been a wonderful purchase. No more driving while holding a Starbucks cup in my hand or cups resting between my legs."
-Robert Middlebrooks

"I received and installed my TEC E39 cup holder today. No problems with the install instructions. Finally, after nearly five years of having to embarrassingly show my passengers the OEM "cup holders" in an otherwise awesome ride, I have a cup holder worthy of the BMW. Nice solid engineering job!!"
-Alan Hill

"I usually don't write testimonials, but in this case I had to make an exception and offer my kudos to your firm. The awful factory holders in my "Ultimate Driving Machine" have been my only disappointment with my recently purchased 1998 540i. When I happened to read about your cup holder on a BMW bulletin board, I just had to try it out. And, I am happy to report that the reviews were right on the mark. Your E39 cup holder is an engineering marvel and far exceeded my expectations. My holder arrived last night and literally only took 45 seconds to install. Unfortunately I had to wait until this morning's commute to try it out. I am a MAJOR coffee drinker, and every morning I stop by the local convenience store for my 24oz transfusion. It is like this holder was made to order for this cup it is so secure. I actually took a different route to work to try and get the cup to tip over to no avail. This was without a doubt the best investment I have made in a long time. Now I do own the "Ultimate Driving Machine" Thanks for your help."
-Alan Rosenthal

"I just received my cupholder and installed it in less than one minute. No cutting, drilling or modifying the car in any way. It makes you wonder why BMW could not design a cupholder for that most obvious of locations. I can finally drive my 540 sport without one hand on my soda can in fear of it tipping over during my morning commute. It's nice to operate my climate control system without a drink cup blocking my vision and access to the buttons on the dash. Finally, I can just enjoy my drive and not worry about my drink flying all over my cars interior. This is GREAT. The TEC product is more than I imagined and operates flawlessly. It looks high-tec like it came from BMW as OEM. This product should be standard equipment on all 5-series sedans from BMW. Thanks again for such a great product."
-Tim Blink

"I received the E39 cupholder today and am astounded at the quality, ease of installation and practicality. You really designed and executed a beautiful product! I am one very pleased customer."
-Tom Moore

"When a job is well done it needs to be commended. I do not think your web site does the cup holder justice. I was not expecting something as well built and attractive as what I got. It is a very well engineered and works great. Congratulations on successfully taking over for BMW's lack of understanding of American coffee needs!"
-Steven Sculler

"I just wanted to let you know that the quality, design, and performance of your cup holder exceeded my every expectation. It is an engineering work of art! Outstanding!"
-Eric Wolf

"Just received and installed (took all of 5 minutes) your E39 cupholder product today. I thought $89 was kind of steep, but I have to admit that it is extremely well-designed and manufactured, and is, without a doubt, the best product of its genre. I have had my 530 for about 3 months and have already broken and replaced the "cupholders" that BMW provided. Your product fills a major gap in an otherwise fine automobile."

"I wanted to let you know that recently I bought your product, and it is the BEST design I found to solve my need to hold the "cup of warm" I get each morning for my commute."
-Phil Bell

"Every once in a while a truly great, inovative product comes along.....This is one!!! Fantastic design, construction, functionality, and ease of installation. One of a kind."
-Tim Wolf

"Tom Clawges thank you, delivered to Ireland in FOUR working days, couldnt believe that. Like all the other reviews state, cupholder is WEll worth the money, perfect. First time iv had a cupholder in my car. I'm looking forward to my commute tomorrow with a cup of brown. Tom have you ever thought of running for president? You've got my vote. Steve"
-Steve slyman from Ireland

"Yet another great positive experience with this cupholder. It took me less than 5 minutes to install and is solid well constructed and engineered. This is not your oridinary aftermarket cup holder. Well worth the money compared to the junk alternatives."

"These look great. Going to try one!"

"I have just bought a TEC cup holder - cost me 100 bucks to get it to australia - but 'wow', it is fantastic - i do not regret spending the money. Too many times I have tenatively sat a coffee in the tray in front of the useless factory cupholders and just prayed that it wouldnt tip over. I needed a solution! This TEC item is so well built, the materials are all super high quality - CNC cut pieces, the spring has a dampened opening action which makes it feel right at home in a BMW it hides out of sight when you're not using it, and it literally takes 2 minutes to install it is solid as a rock. Do yourself a favour and buy one of these, BMW might not have got it right the first time, but TEC did!"
-Mat from Australia

"Just bought this product. It installed pretty easily and is nicely integrated into the car. This is a very elegant design and well worth the cost - I am so happy my 2002 530i now has a functional cup holder."
-Rob Kaiser

30-day money back guarantee. Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.